What is the data recovery policy?

Every original purchaser of a Longtake 2TB mag has access to an emergency data recovery service.

This service is provided by Ontrack.com, a company entirely separate from KipperTie Ltd.
KipperTie recommends Ontrack, and cooperates fully with them to support data recovery operations, by way of sharing information and provision of spare KipperTie manufactured components.

KipperTie authorises Ontrack to provide their standard service up to a limited value where failure of the Longtake SSD occurs. This service is for original customers only, once per SSD, based on serial number. KipperTie appoints Ontrack as the arbiter of whether a warrantable hardware failure has occurred in cases where misuse or accidental damage may be the root cause.

You are under no obligation to use Ontrack, however we recommend that if data recovery is a possible requirement you should refrain from even connecting the affected SSD until expert contact is made.

In cases of accidental deletion, over-write or damage we still fully recommend Ontrack, although KipperTie can take no responsibility for costs incurred where accidental loss of data or physical damage occurs.

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